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Creative Gallery


A variety of works, in studio or on location,  collaborating with artists of other disciplines to showcases their talents, represent female form and unusual still life.  Artists: Frederico Penteado, painter and film director, stills from 'The Aethernauts'.  Body make up artist: Agnes Guo 郭前前 featuring Yan 赵晏 and Louise. Dancer: 陈俊任, Nanning, China. Yoga Artist: Nives Sutakovic Ashtan Yoga house,  Tonsai Thailand. Still LIfe: 'Fashion Claw', 'Kiss My French Ass', 'The Love Tree' and 'Salt Lake Stereo'.

These images have been exhibited at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art fair 2012 - 2016, Milan Affordable Art fair 2016, Hong Kong Contemporary Art fair 2017. London Siger Gallery 'Clash' exhibition 2017, London Siger Gallery 'Politics of Moisture' exhibition 2019.  Singapore and Hong Kong Affordable Art fair 2017 - 2019.

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