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Armelle | Artist 


Current Exhibition

Linda Lieberman/Ar Mechan/Mutalib Mann/Alex Buhl /Jim Racine/ Marc Bourlier/Armelle Burke/Mikey B Georgeson/Anne Grim /Guillermo Monroy/Jude Cowan Montague/ Jon Baker/Tom Estes/Nick Jolly/Noel Grassey Macken/Desdemona Varon/Graham Carrick/Aerial Sparks/Susana Sanroman/Gail Deayton/Paul Robinson & Andy Stewart

Private view on 21 March 2019 - 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Show runs 22nd March to 1 April - 11am to 5.30 pm

Film Night on Saturday 30 th March 5 pm till 9 pm 
films by 
Vita Au/Alex Buhl/Kerry Baldry/Vanya Balogh/Jon Baker /Seruni Bodjawati/ Chun Hua Catherine Dong/ India Roper Evens /Plinio Villagr√°n Galindo /Ann Gris/Mickey B Georgeson / Linda Lieberman/Sylvia Toy St Louis /Emilio Monroy /Jude Cowan Montague/Francesca Lolli/ Alfie Nze/Rahman Hak-Hagar /Martin Pickles /Frederico Penteado/ Marisa Polin/Paul Robinson/Mario Vario Sanchez/Andrew Stys /Susan Supercharged and Maco Collective/Susana Sanroman/Meryn Syna/ Wilson Tang/Agelina Voskopouloo

Poetry Sunday 31 /03/19
Poetry by Troy Cabinda/Alice Hsieh /Jude Cowan Montague Grassy Noel & Ape Poetry and Improvised Music 4pm to 7pm


I travel extensively for work to study languages, art history and culture which informs my art practice. I am interested in developing my creative expression by discovering new things to feed my imagination. I have studied a variety of art disciplines leading to specialising in photographic arts which I have worked in commercially as a music and ski photographer. I am currently lecturing Art and Design in China while concentrating on fine art photography.

I shoot a range of subject matter and styles depending on what suits my projects which are self directed. My image styles range from studio set ups to street photography. I use observational methods to portray what I find interesting about everyday life, in contrast to this documentary approach, I also use photography to visualise my imagination and contrive flamboyant imagery.

 I am fascinated with photography's ability to dive into a multitude of situations and give the viewer the illusion of reality thanks to the mediums connection to the physical world. I believe great photography is visionary, considered and planned across all working methods. I see a direct relationship between paintings and photographs as with a deep understanding of technical photography there are no limits to what can be achieved which for me is truly magic. There are certain moments along the way which are not predictable and this balance of chance and control is what makes photography so exciting.

My photographs are large scale limited edition prints which I exhibit internationally and are available for purchase. For further information please contact me. 


Email: armelle@armelle.co.uk
Wechat: ArmelleBurke